In the coming months we will focus our attention in more detail on the Credit market in Portugal. Studs Lonigan dedicates his life to helping people access responsible credit and reducing the financial benefits of Portuguese families.

We believe that Credit in its various forms can be a good tool to save money. Thus, we leave below some references to this subject.

Enjoy the Biggest Opening of Banks

Despite what we may think, it is still possible to have access to credit. Incidentally, banks are now starting to open the credit tap, since this is their core business. Bank that does not give credit can hardly survive long …

Before deciding on a loan application, we advise you to ask yourself a set of questions, an essential task to understand if you really need this loan and which loan to choose. In the task of searching for a financing alternative, you should be aware of some caution with online credit applications. The scams are still real and many people who come to us have bad experiences, especially when they pay for process analysis costs which are then never analyzed .

Make a Rigorous Review

Make a Rigorous Review

When requesting a personal credit, we suggest that you know the various characteristics of personal credit. If you are asking for a credit to pay off other credits, commonly known as consolidated credit, you should first understand what consolidated credit is and what it is for. Often there are alternatives to reduce your financial benefits without having to ask for new credits – Get to know the renegotiation of credits.

The Mortgage is Back

If you are looking for a loan to buy your home, check out our six tips before buying a home. This is because it seems to us that housing credit is back … But be aware then when rates start to rise, paying off your credit will be more difficult.

If you already have credits, we suggest that you know your credit rights and duties and that you pay attention to some prevention and default management tips. Know also the six steps to end your credit.

Finally, to master the themes of personal finance and debt management, we suggest reading the books “How to End Debts” and “Rescue Families and Companies”.